Preserving audiovisual products

Audiovisual products such as TV-programs and films reflect the time we live in and show, in retrospect, how time has progressed. They show the cloths we wore, the cars we drove in, the leaders who were in power. In short: they are the national memories of a country.

But audiovisual products are fragile. In Indonesia, film materials are deteriorating and videotapes will soon become unwatchable due to the humidity and heat. Film prints, video and audio tapes deteriorate easily without proper care and storage system. They need to be stored in climate controlled rooms in order to maintain its original quality.

The Foundation tries to collect money to preserve and restore (old) Indonesian films in co-operation with the Sinematek. We will handle not only the older materials (from 1949 till now), but also all audiovisual productions that are made at this moment and the years to come. We also build film virtual museum at We created the website to host as many Indonesian films as possible.

The Dutch TV museum scans 1000 hours a year, which would mean 500 feature film titles a year, while there are 700 titles waiting to be scanned at Sinematek and thousands of titles outside the Sinematek. (Not to mention all the Soekarno and Soeharto documentary materials that have to be scanned, as well as other documentary films ever made in Indonesia.)

There is still a lot of work to be done.
If you want to support, please contact us at +62-21-2902 1320 or

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